NEW Vehicle Permit Requirements! Banjercito now requires you to leave a guarantee deposit in addition to the fee for your vehicle importation permit. Get the details.

NEW Vehicle Permit Requirements! Banjercito now requires you to leave a guarantee deposit in addition to the fee for your vehicle importation permit. Get the details.

The government of Mexico strictly regulates the entry of vehicles into Mexico.
It is important for visitors to remember the following steps when crossing the border between the United States and Mexico by automobile. There are no procedures to comply with if you are traveling within the Border Zone or Free Trade Zone (including the Baja California Peninsula and the Sonora Free Trade Zone). If you wish to travel past these zones, you will need to adhere to certain procedures. It is important to note that in the case of Baja California even though you can take your vehicle all the way to the end of the peninsula without a vehicle permit (see vehicle importation regulations), you must have a tourist card if you plan to go south of San Quintin.

Tourists wishing to travel beyond the border zone with their car must obtain a temporary import permit.

How do I obtain a Vehicle Importation Permit?

1. To acquire a permit, the owner’s original Vehicle Title or Registration Receipt is needed.

 2. If the vehicle is financed, a rental car, leased, and/or a company car, a notarized letter of permission is required from the lien holder or lending institution.

 3. Valid Driver’s License (with photo and same name of title).

 4. The fee for importation of a vehicle is $44.00 USD plus IVA; this fee is the same when the permit is obtained at the border, consulates or online.

 5. A guarantee deposit for the return of the vehicle to the US, regardless of the form payment, will be applied to all vehicles. The amount of the guarantee will be determined by the year of the vehicle. The guarantee will be refunded upon cancellation of the permit at Banjercito offices, as long it is prior to the expiration date of the permit.

 The refund will be made in the same form as the deposit was made.

                          a. 2007 – newer $400.00 USD


                          b. 2001 – 2006 $300.00 USD


                       c. 2000 – older $200.00 USD

 6. If the vehicle is not returned to the US prior to the expiration date of the permit or the permit is not cancelled upon exiting Mexico, the guarantee deposit will be forfeited.

 7. Before Banjercito issues a permit, they will verify the VIN # to make sure the vehicle does not have any restrictions to be driven in the US or Canada, in which case the permit will not be allowed.

It is important that we remind you that the permit is cancelled at the border prior to returning to the US to ensure that guarantee deposit is returned to the importer.

Our recommendation, if you have enough time before your trip to Mexico, (between 7-10 days), is that you process the temporary vehicle importation permit online. This will save you time at the offices of the consulates or at the border.

8. The permit is valid for up to six months. The vehicle may be driven across the border multiple times during the authorized period of the permit. You MUST return the vehicle back to the United States before the 6 months expiration, or your guarantee deposit would be forfeited. A receipt will be issued when the permit is cancelled and the deposit will be returned in the same format that it was paid. Failure to turn in your vehicle’s permit before the expiration date may result in denial of entry into Mexico on your next trip.

*This is subject to change without notice by the Mexican Government.

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